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Monday, 16 January 2012

If i could be a SUPERMAN...

There are no words, to paint a picture of you girl 
Your eyes, and those curves,
it's like you're from some other world 

You walk in my way, oh God it's so frustrating. 

So why do I disappear when you come near, 
It makes me feel so small, 
Why do I blow my lines, most every time, 
Like I've got no chance at all, 

If I could be a superman, 
I'd fly you to the stars and back again. 
'cause everytime you touch my hand, 
you feel my powers running through your veins.
But I can only write this, 
And tell you that I'm not that strong. 
'Cause I'm no superman, I hope you like me as I am....., 

Now it ain't no lie, I have to tell you how I feel, 
But Each time, that I try, it gets a little more unreal, 
If I could read your mind, 
Girl would I find, any trace of me at all. 


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